My Phylosophy

There is no secret formula to success and fulfillment. At any level, real satisfaction requires profound and honest self-awareness, clear understanding of the options and determination to take action.

In the same way, there is no secret sauce in coaching. Coaching is an active, ever-changing, co-created relationship between coach and client, aimed at accelerating and deepening the process of awareness and change.

Using a variety of methods, applying active listening and powerful questions, I will guide you through the journey from your current status to your desired outcome. I will invite you to consider different perspectives and to question your own positions. I will support you, and also challenge you at times. We will consider alternatives and evaluate risks, we will define a plan of action and I will hold you accountable for your results. You can consider me your partner and your agent of change: we will be on this journey together, but you will be in the driver seat.

My clients often finds that coaching has provided them with a deeper self-awareness and changed the way they look at everyday challenges and opportunities. They claim to feel “clear-minded”, energized, empowered and armed with actionable goals and tangible next steps.


My approach to coaching is inspired by the principles of Co-Active Coaching. This methodology is based on the fundamental belief that all individuals are naturally creative, resourceful and completely capable of finding their own answers. The role of a Co-Active coach is use powerful questions and active listening and empower the coachee to find those answers and take action. The efficacy of this method is proven and supported by neuroscience research.