Is coaching right for me?

Executive Coaching can be applied to any professional situation, regardless of age, sector, role and tenure. The success of a coaching relationship requires that you:

  • Be open to try new approaches, behaviours, perspectives
  • Take ownership of your own progress and success
  • Commit to your own goals and vision


Some examples of coaching topics I have worked on:

  • Changing job or career
  • Transitioning to a leadership or managerial role
  • Improving professional relationships
  • Developing your own “brand”
  • Managing stress and ambiguity
  • Influencing upwards
  • Improving well-being at work
  • Dealing with “Impostor Syndrome”
  • Leading a fast-growing startup
  • Starting a new venture

You are not sure whether your topic is suitable for coaching? Contact me for a 30-minute free consultation.